Polls Feature-Set
Participating in a poll

Participating in a Poll

Participation in polls is crucial for the governance of the DAO/organization. Members can vote directly on proposals or delegate their voting power to other trusted members. The amount of voting power is proportional to the number of tokens held.

Here's how to submit your vote:

  1. Choose the poll you wish to participate in.
  2. Select your preferred option.
  3. Confirm and submit your vote.

The following image illustrates the voting interface:

Select the poll from the voting list:

Select Poll

On the poll page, you will see a description of the poll, your voting power, and the options to vote. Select an option by clicking on the radio button.

Poll Page

Confirm your selection and submit your vote by signing a message with your stake key using your connected Cardano Wallet.

Sign Vote

If you don't want to vote, you can also delegate your voting power to a different user by specifying their address or ADA handle. If you use an ADA handle you will see the address that it resolves to before submitting. Please confirm this address is correct before submitting your delegation action. You will also be prompted to sign a message when delegating.