Multi-Signature Wallets
Creating a Multisig Wallet

The process of creating a multisig consists of a few simple steps:

  1. Add a name to your multisig
  2. Chose the number of required signers for the multisig. This amount corresponds to the minimum amount of signatures required to submit a transaction from the multisig.
  3. Enter the addresses of the signers. The amount of addresses should be equal or bigger than the amount of required signers.
  4. Select a community to link the multisig to. If you are not an admin of this community, the admin will receive a request to link the multisig to the community (if the community settings allow it).

Below is a visual guide illustrating this process:

Start by going to the navigation side bar and clicking on "Multisig Wallet" under the "Create" menu.

Create Multisig

Proceed by filling the form with the values explained at the beginning of this article. You can add new signers by clicking on the "Add new signer" button.

Multisig Form

Finally, click on "Create Multisig" to create it. You will be redirected to the multisig page.

You will notice there is also a "Upload CBOR" button. This button will be explained on the "Import Multisig" section.