Polls Feature-Set
Creating a poll

Creating a Poll

Creating a poll is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to initiate a new poll:

  1. Navigate to the 'Create Poll' section.
  2. Fill in the necessary information such as the Name, Description, and Options for the poll.
  3. Provide a Discussion link for community discourse.
  4. Set the start and end times for the vote.
  5. Add the snapshot(s) configuration used for the voting power.
  6. Add the poll to a community (optional)

Below is a visual guide to assist you through each step:

Start by creating a new poll from the side bar or from the "Snapshot Voting" tab on a community's page. Both of these are shown on the image below.

Create Poll

You will be redirected to the poll creation form. Fill the basic poll configuration by setting a name for the poll, a description, start and end time, and the options to be voted on. You can also add a discussion URL if you or your community are discussing the poll (e.g.: Discord channel, twitter post, Cardano forums, etc.)

Basic Poll Config

The voting power for a poll can be determined by different factors: amount of tokens in a user wallet (fungible or NFT), the amount of ADA staked to a Cardano Stake Pool, and/or an arbitrary CSV specifying the voting power for a list of stake addresses. You can configure any of these methods or a combination of them. When uploading a CSV, the format should consist of two columns: stake address as the first column and stake address as the second column.

Snapshot Config

Finally, you can select a community to add the poll to. If you are not an admin of the community, the admin will receive a request on their management dashboard to connect the poll to the community (if the community settings allow it). You can also leave this field empty if you don't want to connect the poll to any community. In this case it will be visible in your account tab.

Connect Community To Poll