Multi-Signature Wallets
Importing a Multisig Wallet

The platform allows users to import multisig wallets exported from RoundTable. To do this, simply click on "Import CBOR" on the "Create Multisig" page.

Create Multisig

After clicking on the button, the form will allow you to upload the .cbor files exported from RoundTable. If the script is exported from RoundTable v1, you will need to upload the 'nativescripts.cbor' file. If it is exported from RoundTable v2, you will ned to upload both the 'payment.cbor' and 'staking.cbor' files. Make sure to keep those names for the files that you are uploading.

After uploading the files you will see the details of the script, including the required signers and signatures required.

Import Multisig